The Epsilon Omega House--Washington & Jefferson College


Letter from the President:

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a wonderful fall semester!

          Here at Epsilon Omega we have been working hard to stay busy and have an amazing semester! We have some great news to share with you including the addition of two new members to our chapter! We just held our 3rd annual Signature Philanthropy Dodge ball tournament and we collected over $1200 for CASA! We are also looking at a possible “Cupcakes for CASA” event in which we would be selling cupcakes to help raise even more funds for our amazing philanthropy.

          We are currently working on transitioning ourselves for the new officer positions that will take effect for this upcoming Nomination Committee and look forward to help from our ELC this semester, Justine Rosenberg!

          Upcoming events for the remainder of the semester include a sister mixer with Delta Gamma in which we will be watching movies and having pizza. More exciting things to look forward to are our Apple Polishing Dinner, a Greek life bonfire, “Fall into Theta” recruitment event, and upcoming elections for spring. For Homecoming we will be having an alumni ritual event as well as some sweets, tea and coffee and then there will be a Tea Party held for all alumni and sororities in the ballroom the Sunday of Homecoming weekend. We are looking forward to this crazy and fun semester and can’t wait for all of the great events we have coming up!

          I can’t believe how fast my term in office has gone! It’s almost over and it’s bittersweet. Among all the hard work, meetings, and responsibilities, I have become so close to my exec members, other officers and the whole chapter. I will definitely miss all this next semester! Good luck to next year’s officers! Keep your eye open from a new letter from the new President in December!

          Kandace Mandarino


New Members and Rho Gammas 2013

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